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Calming Button

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Your Ticket To Peace & Serenity

Ready to escape the grips of anxiety and insomnia? Searching for a portable oasis of tranquility?

Embrace serenity and embark on a journey of profound relaxation with the Calming Button. Elevate your mental well-being, soothe your senses, and embrace tranquility like never before. Discover the transformative power of relaxation today!

Benefits Of The Calming Button 

✅ Relieves Anxiety & Promotes Deep Relaxation Instantly

✅ Stimulates Neurotransmitters For Balanced Emotional Well-being

✅ Enhances Sleep Quality For Rejuvenated Mornings

✅ Convenient USB Charging Ensures Uninterrupted Relaxation

✅ Ergonomic Design Offers Comfort During Extended Use

✅ Portable Size Enables Relaxation Anytime, Anywhere

✅ 1,000's Of Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Fast & Free Delivery Australia Wide

✅ Risk Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Our Calming Button is a game-changer in relaxation, recommended across Australia for its holistic approach to managing anxiety and promoting instant relaxation, empowering you to reclaim peace and serenity wherever you go.

Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the transformative power of our Calming Button and discover a newfound sense of calm today.

Ideal For Insomnia & Anxiety

Perfect for individuals struggling with insomnia and anxiety, our Calming Button offers a holistic approach to mental well-being. Whether you're seeking solace at home or tranquility on the move, our device empowers you to reclaim peace and serenity in your life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Join Happy Australian Customers & Buy Risk Free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If (somehow) you are not satisfied with your product within 30 days of arrival, contact us and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

What's Included?

1 x Calming Button

1 x Manual

1 x USB Cable

Please Note:

We do not recommend the following people to use this product:
1. Patients who use implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers, insulin pumps).
2. It is forbidden to use it with high‑frequency surgical equipment, shortwave or microwave treatment equipment at the same time.
3. It is forbidden to use treatment electrodes near the chest or use it when operating complex and dangerous equipment or driving.
4. It is prohibited for patients with epilepsy.
5. Patients with hemorrhagic stroke in the near future should not use it.

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